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Spring Clean 2014

We'll remove dust and grime from your computer,
speed up your computer,
and make sure everything's up-to-scratch for the coming year.

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    • ONLINE BACKUP A study has shown that 43% of businesses don't reopen their doors after critical data is lost. Remove the risk of hard drive failure, staff forgetting to back-up and taking the backup device offsite. Sleep easy by setting an automated offsite back-up.

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    • Your Nerd will: Install industry-leading protection against viruses, trojans, spyware and other malware. Talk to you about new viruses that are being created everyday and explain about complacent protection practices that could cost your business money.

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    • Your Nerd will: Help you improve your business internal communication, provide your business with a highly secure, central internal internet site, setup all your printing requirements in one hassle-free package and show you how financing is great for cashflow.

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